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Changing Behaviour Project Inventory

The Changing Behaviour project focuses on the relationship between policy-makers and practitioners/intermediaries aiming to develop and enhance understanding on the role of actors, timing and context in behavioural change. A key objective of the project is to improve cooperation, collaboration and understanding between these different groups to uncover the factors which contribute to the success or failure of energy programmes.

Reasons for success and failure are not fully understood when considering existing energy demand programmes and a better understanding can facilitate better planning and implementation.

Search Database

This database is a collection of approximately 100 cases which have been gathered through an extensive search of past, present and ongoing DSM programmes which aims to provide a range of visitors, from those with a general interest in energy issues to energy practitioners, with insights on some of the factors which contribute to energy programme success and failure. Please feel free to search through inventory of programmes available on this site.

Innovative Programmes for Travel Demand Management is an additional downloadable document that reviews some innovative cases from travel demand management, particularly from the point of view of private car use.

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